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XYC,a leading integration service provider of green energy storage in the era of big data. Using cutting-edge energy technology, with our customers around the world, shares a green world.

We actively explore, and discover a new world with ever-growing energy. For Telecom Industry, XYC has a complete series of energy storage solutions, and provides solid green energy security. For Power Industry, we are becoming a core hub that creates future smart grid networks. For Transportation Industry, XYC is supplying new, clean and high-efficiency power energy, and offers infinite assistance to social development, and makes green travel possible. In Recycling Industry, XYC firstly constructs the recycling industry chains for lead acid battery, which makes energy to be recyclable and renewable, and reduces resource loss, and recovers healthy earth.

We pursue perfection, and create an enterprise with strong force for sustainable development;

We bring together global experts in this industry, and cooperate with universities and institutes, and develop state-of-the-art energy storage systems with our customers worldwide.

To Store Big Love and Green Energy, XYC has been practicing the idea of “new energy, recycling and high-tech”, focusing on the management of design and development, green procurement, system management, recycling, energy conservation and emission reduction, so as to Create Green Development Pattern for Industry and Green Lifestyle for Human, Store Green Power for Future!

Dynamic and innovative, with great kindness and one heart.

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