Technical Innovation

Since the creation of XYC, our main focus was to differentiate ourselves by providing technical innovation such as the Hybrid Gel  technologies.

XYC Power have continuously developed innovative products and technologies to help our partners reduce their capital expenditures and operation expenses, as well as reduce the impact on the environment.

Hybrid Gel Technology


  • Nano Gel Electrolyte

  • More water
    – less sensitive to “dry out”

  • Nano silica particles dispersed more easily into the separator
    – Decrease the float current.

  • Better resistance to high temperature

  • Longer service life in high temperature with longer cycle life

  • Safer operation in high temperature

  • Best ratio performance/price

3D Plate Design

focus areas

  • Hold more PAM (Positive Active Material) 
    More surface contacts

  • 3D design is more stable

  • Higher current discharge

  • 30% cycle life increase with better charging performance

High Temperature Battery Technology

The FTH high temperature battery series uses the newly developed nano gel electrolyte with super-C additive plus heavy duty plates design inside. The FTH series has a long service life and can provide optimum and reliable service under extreme condition such as high temperature and frequent power failure, This series is highly suited for tropical area in outdoor applications such as Telecom BTS stations and Off-grid PV system.

  • Three years warranty at 45°C

  • Able to operate 15 months at 60°C

  • Long life and high stability under high temp. environment (no air-con needed)

  • Use super-C additives: Deep discharge recovery capability


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