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Company ProfileXYC was established in November, 2006. Within a few years it rapidly became one of China's leading lead acid battery and power supply unit manufacturer in China. we offer various series and whole models including General AGM Batteries, Stationary 2V AGM Batteries, Front Terminal Batteries, Deep Cycle Batteries……
SupportAAs one of the leading industrial battery manufacturers, we, Vision Group, are always keeping quality and environment protection first and foremost in our minds. Our market can be found around the whole world, and our excellent after-sales service provides customer with one-stop service on project consulting...
Standard Battery SeriesXYC XT series are designed for a general-purpose applications,such as UPS, telecom, and electrical utilities. With 5-10 years design life, the batteries comply to most popular international standards, such as IEC60896-21/22, BS6290-4,Eurobat Guide...
Gel Battery SeriesXYC XTG series battery uses the sealed gel technology and is designed for high reliable, maintenance-free power for renewable energy applications. Depending on the advantage gel technology, optimum grid and plate design…
OPzV Battery SeriesThe OPzS battery is a traditional tubular plate flooded battery which offers 20 years design life with a cycle life of 1800 cycles at 80% DOD according to IEC60896-11.This range is most suited for all standby power applications that require the…
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