Our Advantage


We create the most professional technical team in the field
Combined with the company's product features, to ensure that the normal product of technical services

Our excellent service makes the system more perfect
Everything from the customer as a starting point. To provide customers with quality service.

XYC take the lead in building a recycling industry chain
Make energy recyclable, reduce the loss of resources and restore healthy planets


We take pride in our R&D department which consists of more than 20 researchers, including five senior engineers, who have more than ten years of experience in this industry. Working with leading engineers coming from the most famous manufacturers allow us to continue our growth as one of the leader in the research and development of SLA & VRLA battery.

Using up-to-date laboratory with the latest equipment for our R&D, we are able to meet current and future demand for reliable energy supply with customized and new innovations all in a short amount of time.


XYC Electronic

Shenzhen XYC Electronic Co., a sealed lead acid (SLA) battery company.Established in November 2008,XYC manufacture and sells environmentally friendly sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries.

XYC is a high-tech enterprise headquartered in longhuan new district,Shenzhen,china and has a manufacturing base in hanchuan city,hubei province.With 6 production lines for manufacturing battery and 8 production lines for producing lead plates,products 10 series battery more than 400 types of products.

XYC adhered to introduce and develop advanced technologies and processes,had set up XYC research center,including 2 professors who have experience over 30 years in battery research,and over 10 engineers...