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eBike battery

XYC eBike batteries are efficient, long-life power sources. They combine low weight with ergonomic design and simple handling. Thanks to their impressive mileage, long service life and an intelligent battery management system (BMS), which protects the battery from damage, they are among the most modern and safest on the market. 

Rack LiFePO4 Battery

Designed to excel in applications with limited space or where seamless integration of multiple batteries into a single system is essential, our Rack Batteries redefine energy storage solutions for diverse needs.

Residential Battery Storage

Reliable and sustainable energy solutions for your home

Uninterruptible Power Supply(UPS)

The XT series medium-sized products are valve-regulated batteries with a long designed service life of 10 years. As AGM batteries with a lean design, they are sealed, maintenance-free, and can be installed in any direction.

Stable Grid

We offer low cost long life XT series, front terminal FT series, XL 2V lead acid series for base station.

OPzS series

Vented lead-acid battery for solar, telecommunications, traffic system cyclic applications